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[Sticky] 6 Top Ways Football Clubs Make Money  



Every wonder if football clubs print money or how come they pay huge for a contract to buy top pro talented players? Then this list is for you as we look into some interesting ways Football clubs makes money to run and sustain their soccer business.


How Do Football Clubs Make Money?

Here are the top sources football club makes money from:

1) Jerseys and Sports Kits Merchandise

This is one of the big sources of cash flow for clubs year in year out.

Let go through a comment from Forbes:

After nine years at Real Madrid, Portuguese superstar Ronaldo has joined Italian champions Juventus for $129.3 million. Despite his years of success on the field, some eyebrows were raised at the scale of the transfer fee given Ronaldo's age. The 33-year old even said himself that he's "grateful for the opportunity Juventus have given him", adding that most players his age "usually go to Qatar or China". Despite those comments, Ronaldo's appeal is still sky high and Juventus immediately felt a financial impact after signing him. As soon as news of the move emerged, shares in the Italian club went up 40 percent while its social media channels acquired 1.5 million new followers in one day.

Even before kicking a soccer ball, Ronaldo is starting to pay back some of his hefty transfer fee. As soon as the official Ronaldo kit was released by Juventus, it immediately flew off the shelves with 520,000 jerseys sold in just 24 hours. According to T">Business Insider, that adds up to $62.4 million, nearly half the transfer fee. Recouping all the money through merchandise sales isn't as straightforward as it sounds, however. Soccer clubs tend to receive only about 10 to 15 percent of the revenue the kit manufacturer generates from merchandise sales and in this case, Juventus will most likely make between $6 and $9 million. That still isn't too bad in just 24 hours.


2) Live Broadcast License

With over 100 licenses signed in space of 4-5 years per league, each club can net about 50Million-100Million Dollar from this deals.


3) Ticket Sales

Clubs sell tickets to live matches when in home games which have been proven to be one of the avenues they constantly maintain their cash flow.


4) Sponsorship Deals

You would have noticed that most clubs jerseys and kits carry names of off-football brands - Yeah, that come to be as a result of huge cash paid as sponsors for the clubs by those brands.


5) Leagues

Clubs that stay on top of leagues qualify for another and the more league the club qualifies for the more money they make per that season. Cup winners earn even more.


6) Transfers

Some small clubs are smart at spotting future talents even before they become pro. Buy them cheap, train them and then offer them for sale to top-rated clubs for a huge amount far above their initial investments on the player.


Those are some of the most obvious ways football clubs make money to keep them in business while keeping you and I entertained across the World.

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